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Discover how easy it can be to manage cleaning, maintenance and reports for your hotel — all within one housekeeping app.

Whether you use a laptop, tablet or smartphone, Roomgrid is instantly ready to go on all devices without installation.

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Hotel Fritz Lauterbad uses Roomgrid to simplify its daily housekeeping processes.Roomgrid has been in daily use at Wellnesshotel Lauterbad in Freudenstadt for over two years.icecreek has been developing its housekeeping app Roomgrid in close cooperation with Maseven in Munich.

The Light-Weight Housekeeping Solution for Hotels

Roomgrid helps you regain control over your operations. With its role based focus, Roomgrid adapts to your employees' needs, making it simpler and more efficient than ever to satisfy your guests with rooms in perfect shape.

Your Advantages with Roomgrid

  • See the status of each room in real-time.

  • Let cleaners and checkers update rooms with on tap.

  • Automatically assign your cleaners und checkers to all your dirty rooms.

With Roomgrid's housekeeping module, marking rooms as clean or dirty is as simple as a tap.
The maintenance module allows users to report issues for rooms and public spaces and assign them to technicians.
  • Let your team report defects as soon as they spot them.

  • Assign defects to technicians and track their progress.

  • Gain valuable insights: Who cleaned which room and when? How many rooms needed a second cleaning?

  • Never argue with external providers again.

Reports and analyses offer valuable insights into housekeeping operations and help save time on invoicing.

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Meet the Team

Roomgrid is being developed by icecreek, a startup near Munich, Germany, that was founded in 2019. Learn more ...

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